Welcome to Living Faith, a Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generational Family Church.  We are excited that you have decided to "connect" here at Living Faith and become part of the family.   The purpose of this page is to explore the opportunties here at Living Faith and provide you with some valuable teaching materials that will bring clarity and growth to you as a child of God.   We begin your journey by clompleting the Class 101.    This tells you a little about our curch, our pastors, our vision, our mission and our core values.  It gives our expectations of of those coming into a Covenant Relationship with LFCC as well what you can expect from our pastors.   As you begin your journey, you will need to attend "Welcome Class" and complete Class 101.  Once completed, Classes 201, 301 and 401 will be offered throughout the year.  This is a Power Point File and can be opened up and reviewed on your computer.  If you do not have Power Point, the "Connect" Classes are offered ongoing throughout the year.  Once you have completed Classes 101, 201, 301 and 401 you will need to complete  LFCC's Statement of Faith.  These classes are to help you grow as a Christian and give your biblical and spiritual guidance as your grow in the Lord.    

Our Statement of Faith is very vital to Living Faith and sets out what "We Believe" here at the Living Faith Family. This teaching consist of 20 Lessons and gives the Foundational Beliefs for Living Faith.   At the end of your journey in our "Statement of Faith" Teachings, please fill out the Statement of Faith Completion form and turn into the Administrative Office.  Once you have completed the Statement of Faith Teachings, Class 101, 201, 301 and 401 and have attended the "I'm New Here Class",  the this wil let us know that you have completed the basic requirments to "Connect" to LFCC, and are ready to be held accountable by the Living Word of God and the Leadership of LFCC.  


Connect Class

Class 101

Class 201

Class 301

Class 401

Living Faith's Statement of Faith Teaching

Class Completion Document (Fill out and submit once all classes are completement)

     Lesson 1 - The Eternal Godhead                                                           

     Lesson 2 - The Lord Jesus Christ                                                  

     Lesson 3 - The Holy Spirit                                                                      

     Lesson 4 - The Holy Scriptures                                                           

     Lesson 5 - The Devil                                                                              

     Lesson 6 - The Fall of Man                                                                    

     Lesson 7 - The Atonement                                                                 

     Lesson 8 - The Salvation of Man                                                       

     Lesson 9 - The Church                                                                        

     Lesson 10 - Water Baptism  

     Lesson 11 - The Lord's Supper

     Lesson 12 - Sanctification

    Lesson 13 - Baptism in the Holy Spirit

     Lesson 14 - The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

    Lesson 15 - Divine Healing

    Lesson 16 - The Second Coming of Christ

    Lesson 17 - The Millennium

    Lesson 18 - The Punishment of the Wicked

    Lesson 19 - The New Heaven and the New Earth

    Lesson 20 - Creation

Covenant Agreement to Connect