House of Peace

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Houses of Peace are members of Living Faith who have decided to open up their homes once a month to become a discipleship home..  Once a month, 90 minutes of fellowship, discipleship and praying for one another using the curriculum that will be provided by Pastor Randy Winkles on "What We Want You To Know."    If you are a member of Living Faith and would like to become a House of Peace, please see Pastor Randy Winkles to go through the training and become a recognized House of Peace leader at Living Faith.   Houses of Peace can not be operated during any times that Living Faith has an event taken place at the church.  If you would like to become a House of Peace Facilitator, please contact Randy Winkles at the following email: 

Houses of Peace

Requirements and Expectations

Member of Living Faith
Support through Tithes/Offerings, Bible Studies , Church Services  and members of Good Standing.  
Committed to the Vision and Mission of Living Faith;
Submission to the Pastoral Staff of Living Faith  and the information  that will be provided for discipleship.  
Dedicated to Opening up your home once a month; 

Contact Information

To become a recognized House of Peace of Living Faith, contact Pastor Randy Winkles at to schedule a time to begin the training process.  

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