School of the Supernatural

The School of the Supernatural is designed to engage God's Children to assume their position in God's Kingdom.   It's focus is on the position of the "Believer" in Christ Jesus in the Kingdom of God and  and the mandate that God has on His children.    We have the ability to operate in the Power that Jesus Christ did here upon this Earth and the School of the Supernatural teaches  on the Position of the Believer and activating those gifts inside the Believer to move and operate in the Power of the Holy Spirit.    The School of the Supernatural operates in Sessions and during these sessions we also offer the "Children's Church of the Supernatural for "K-5th Grade".  This School is on our "Monday Night Live" Discipleship Nights and is

RESUMES February 8th, 2022
 COMPLETELY FREE  Below is the Sessions and when they start.   

SOS Session 1 -  5 Weeks 
Revelation of a Supernatural God
The Purpose of God's Supernatural Power
How to Operate in the Supernatural Power of God.
Night of Importation and Activation 

SOS Session 2 
Jesus Christ and the Cross
Identifying Substitutes for the Supernatural

3 Dimensions of the Supernatural - Faith
2nd Realm of the Supernatural -The Anointing
3rd Realm of the Supernatural - The Anointing
Miracles, Signs and Wonders
9 Principles of Moving in the Supernatural
SOS Session 3
Praying with Breakthrough Prayers - The Secret Place of Prayer
House of Prayer
The Priority of Prayer
Praying from a Position of Righteousness
Praying According to God's Will
Keys to Breakthrough Prayer
Gaining momentum and watching until God comes
Watching and Praying

SOS Session  4
Provoking the Spirit of God to Move (4 Areas of stepping into the Flow of the Supernatural.  
Spiritual Warfare - Identity
Spiritual Warfare -Position

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you..."

Acts 1:8

Sunday Mornings

10:15am Pre-Service Prayer
10:30am - Celebration Service

Our Sunday Morning Services are filled with opportunities to fellowship and to experience the Power of God.   9:30AM-10:15am we have our morning coffee, pastries, fruit, etc  to get to know one another and the we begin at 10:20am with our Pre-Service Prayer and Celebration Service at 10:30AM.  

Ministries provided for all ages at our 10:30am Sunday Serivce

Nursery (Newborn to 2 years)
 Kingdom Kids (3 years - 12 years)
Vive Youth - 2nd & 4th Sundays after Worship (6th - 12th grade)

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